Your Home away from Home in “NAMMA BENGALURU”!

Check out some of the best Managed PGs and Hostel accommodation for Professionals and Students in Bangalore. Super affordable hostel rooms and managed accommodations for everyone that are loaded with modern amenities like rooms with Wifi, TV and Fridge. Hostels that serve tasty hygienic food in breakfast, lunch and dinner, and also have GYMs and common areas that will make you feel right among your loved ones at home. We take all necessary precautions and sanitization efforts measures to keep COVID19 in check. PRAZO is afterall the most safe, secure and the friendliest hostels in Bangalore for students and working professionals who make our city so special. Come stay at PRAZO hostels, accomodations and managed PGs and be at HOME!

New to India's silicon valley, or the city of gardens?
well then... WELCOME to BANGALORE! This is where the story of PRAZO began with some of the first Hostels, PGs and accommodations being set up for students and professionals alike. We wish you the very best and hope that you get to all your dreams here in namma Bengaluru!

We have around seven different places for you to choose from that are filled to the brim with features and luxuries like nothing else and all these affordable accommodations are not just meant to ease your stay in the city but to help you have a Hostel and PG experience like never before.

PRAZO Hostels, PGs and accommodations in Bangalore are all strategically located near IT Hubs, corporate SEZ and Colleges allowing you a short and quick commute to your workplace or your institute. PRAZO gives you an abundance of amenities and features that are not just modern but also guarantees you of a smooth and splendid stay .

Amenities and Features
We have rooms that have the options of TVs, fridges and attached bathrooms that are well maintained with very comfortable beds and mattresses. We have chairs, study tables and wardrobes in every room for the number of beds allotted to it which you can again choose from based on your feasibility.
We also have Hostels with dedicated Internet and WFH features (Work From Home) for working professionals in Bangalore.
Not just this we also have common rooms and terrace areas which can be doubled up as event zones for celebrating birthday parties and other happy moments.
You get the option of relishing on some scrumptious food in the breakfast, lunch and dinner that comes with the package. Oh! did we mention that it is cooked by some very loving and caring people who understand the importance of hygiene and know how much you long for home food.

By the way you also have the option of cooking for yourself if you like. Just get to your fully loaded and functional pantries and get cooking! PRAZO Hostel and PG pantry have all the kitchenware and appliances like microwave, mixer and juicer, sandwich maker, etc. for your cooking and snacking conveniences.
Hostel and PGs may not appear to be the most secure place of this planet but PRAZO hostels and Paying Guest accommodations in Bangalore are equipped with various types of security measures that should be enough to put your mind at ease.

We have CCTV camera surveillance that goes around 24/7 along with Biometric access into and out of the Hostel and Residency. On the ready, security guards and watchmen who are very friendly but know their job and purpose well.

And finally you shall always have our representative available to you at the reception area or through the PRAZO mobile app for any emergency and help that you may need at your Hostel room.

PRAZO has multiple, well maintained ladies hostels, PGs and paid accommodations in Bangalore for female students and working women and professionals and the same goes for Mens Hostels and PG accomodations that carry all the features and amenities to make you feel at home and more…

Our popular and much sought after ladies hostels and managed PG Accomodations around Electronic City, Konapana Agrahara Phase-1, are very close to IT hubs and are extremely popular for their maintenance and management.

You should definitely check them out as they are always quick to fill since most of the female students and working professionals opt for these hostels that gives them a safe and secure accommodation with good food and a bunch of other best-in-class features which are simply irresistible and well deserved for a hardworking professional as yourself .

So what are you waiting for... Get booking on PRAZO!

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